Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) is our Charity of Choice!

Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) Our Charity of Choice.

CDF, in partnership with Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA), helps people to work their way out of poverty we have seen it for ourselves. Like the 440 disabled workers in the Philippines. Their co-op jobs mean the difference between a life of dignity, supporting themselves and their families, and a life of supreme indignity, many begging on the streets to sustain a miserable life of poverty. Last year the funds contributed helped over 2.6 million families in 15 countries. Over the last four years, credit union members in Africa and Asia accumulated $140M in savings and this is fueling economic and social development in the community – development with lasting results with the help of CDF/CCA. Please support us and help these families and their communities. For more information see CCA or CDF

Friday, 22 June 2012

Get to know your climbers

Myrna Bentley

In 2010, after 36 great years in the  co-op financial services system, I decided to retire.  Now I spend my time as a volunteer director on the Board of Affinity Credit Union, the Agency for Co-operative Housing, CCA International Program Committee and with a number of other community organizations. 

Being a part of the co-op movement has meant so much to me. Even though all that experience hasn't included much climbing I am so grateful to have the support of the co-op movement to motive me up the mountain!

Ingrid Fischer

Kili and co-ops, combining two of my favourite things in life.  I’ve never been able to resist peeking over peaks and I’m fascinated with co-operatives because they continually surprise, innovate and provide services to members against impossible odds. Just as trekking is rewarding because it is based on personal initiative and resilience, co-ops are locally driven and in my view the best hope for equitable improvement of global living standards. 

Lydia Phillips

I feel very happy to be part of this group of women taking on this big  climb up Kilimanjaro. Through my work with cooperatives for the last 30 years, I can see firsthand the coop model working not only here in Canada but all over the world. I can see that coops transform communities, create new opportunities and maximize human potential. This UN International Year of Cooperatives is an inspiration to maximize my own potential and commitment by climbing this epic mountain. Thank you to family and friends for your support and encouragement!

Have a listen to Bedouin Soundclash's "MountainTop"- it is helping me to keep up the pace during my workouts.
Jo-Anne Ferguson

My interest and commitment to co-operatives is about to reach new heights - the height of the tallest peak in Africa! Throughout almost 40 years of working with credit unions and co-operatives I'm ever-inspired by what people can do when they form a co-operative and work toward a common goal. Whether it's a woman in Rwanda empowered to start a small business or a poor farmer in Aceh who runs for a board position, the changes they are creating for their families and communities are remarkable. I'm priviledged to see this development and look forward to celebrating their success in this International Year of Co-operatives by achieving a personal goal and raising funds for Co-operative Development Foundation. Funds raised will further assist co-ops in less-developed countries.

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