Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) is our Charity of Choice!

Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) Our Charity of Choice.

CDF, in partnership with Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA), helps people to work their way out of poverty we have seen it for ourselves. Like the 440 disabled workers in the Philippines. Their co-op jobs mean the difference between a life of dignity, supporting themselves and their families, and a life of supreme indignity, many begging on the streets to sustain a miserable life of poverty. Last year the funds contributed helped over 2.6 million families in 15 countries. Over the last four years, credit union members in Africa and Asia accumulated $140M in savings and this is fueling economic and social development in the community – development with lasting results with the help of CDF/CCA. Please support us and help these families and their communities. For more information see CCA or CDF

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Big thank you for helping us reach our goal.

We felt your support and interest all the way to the top of Kilimanjaro.  Sincere thank you for helping us to reach the Top of Africa and to more than double our fundraising goal.   We thank the 126 individuals who donated to CDF, Shannon Arnold and David Shanks who kept the blog up to date and many friends for the loan of clothing and equipment.  Check out the list below of donors to CDF - your caring helped us to succeed and will now help thousands of people in the poorest countries in the world to improve their lives.

Beryl Bauer, Audrey Bentley, Mara Berzins-Barnett, Barbara Hardy, J. Todd Norton, Ruth Warkington/Jim Hawrishuk, Myrna Bentley, Meaghan Bentley, Audrey Horkoff, Atul Varde, Grant Kook, Cindy Cale, Mary Beckett, Todd Brandt, Coro Strandberg, Terry MacDonald, Eric Dillon, Shauna Anderson, Candace Skrapek, Ann Iwanchuk, Linda Holm, Bill Johnson, Faye Lippitt, Carol Cisecki, Guy Lamontagne, Colin MacDougall, Serese Selanders, Karen McBride, Ric McGratten, Linda Moulin, Scott Banda, Edward Gebert, Robert Effa, Wendy Rowe, Jim Godfrey, Mark Lane, Cara Petrovicz, Margaret Bodnark, Ruth Glat, Janet & Art Postle, Joan Ellis, Jean-Guy Leblanc, Brigitte Goulard, Daryl Kelln, William Knight, Erin Hancock, William Vermette, Andrew Turnbull, Lesley Carlson, Alexandra Wilson, Dannie Wreford, Ramanjit Rudra, NLCU Charitable Foundation Corporation, Heather Staffa, Diane Kitching, Peter Amies, Norma Jones, Dave Mowat, James and Shirley Lowe, Dr. Tom Maltman, Barry Gosnell, Bernadette Van Duyvendyk, Debra Chobotuk, Michael Porter, William Hamilton, Heather Nykiforuk, Penny Reeves, Lynden Hillier, Ian MacPherson, Mary Ellen Mallett, David Daughton, Colleen MacDonald, Wagginwheels Mobile Pet Grooming, Dr. Christine Ng, Jennifer & Charlie WarrenPart, Amanda Shaughnessy, Dale Reagan, Doug Taylor, Steven Hardy, Barry Pinsky, Barbara Beierle, David Maitland, Olga Tasci, Mabel Richardson, Moreno Padilla, Brittany Aldrich, Marie-Pierre Wallace, Lucie Bazinet, Joan Selby, Carol Hunter, Margaret Fry, Anne Marie Makuch, John Wipf, Mark Bonnell, Kathleen Speake, David Phillips, Alain Michaud, Colin MacLean, Therese Maheu, Wayne Thrasher, Ken Ferguson, Anne Marie Bazinet, Jean Vachon, Richard Weger, Clea and Kobi Phillips, Lucille Martineau, Jeremy and Elizabeth Thorn, Kenneth and Roberta Phillips, Michael Casey, Jacquie Dale, Donald Thom, Susan Phillips, Mark Goldblatt, Sarah Shima, Dal Brodhead, Garry Ferguson, Lucille Poisson, Donald McLean, Joan Ferguson, Alex Salomons, Doris Sloan, Bill Dobson.

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